Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"...Why Did We All Do It?"

Gene Gincherman, M.D.
Emergency doctor and Go team member

As all of us start to decompress a bit in the Dominican Republic after our work in Haiti, more and more thoughts come to mind. It seems that the most fundamental question is: Why did we all do it?
It seems to me that the answer lies somewhre between doing it completely out of altruistic notion of trying to help people around you who are suffering horribly and going on an ego trip to prove something to oneself.
People who are in Haiti to save the world burn out too fast,and become a liabiity to themselves. People who go on an ego trip are unable to become good team players and destroy the sense of community that immediately develops in such austere and stressful environment.
I am proud to sat that the Johns Hopkins team has developed a sense of togetherness from the start, which played a tremendous role in our ability to take care of each other and our patients.

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