Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"They lost their house..."

Rocky Cagle, R.N.
Go Team member and ICU nurse
Today was a good day. We saw a good bit of patients today. As some of you may not know I am now in the ER because they needed more help there. The whole Johns Hopkins crew runs the ER. All 8 of us.
It is better than staffing the ICU because there is nothing I could do for those people. I am charge nurse of the ER so it is good to be running the show and having people look up to me. (Cagle in middle of photo left)
My Creole interpreter has a wife and three kids. They lost their house in the quake and his brother died. He had 5 U.S. dollars for the past two days to buy food for his family. He gets paid $20 a day but has not been paid them since last Friday, 9 days ago. They live in the tent village about 15 miles away. He has to take a cab to work every day which costs money. I got some MREs for him and his family today. His wife is washing my clothes for some money. I gave him $10 for him and his family. He said "How - I don't know how - I will ever repay you!"I plainly stated I couldn't do anything without him; he owes me nothing. I plan on giving him everything I have left if anything when I leave here. We were walking around today, and he decides to tell me a joke and his broken English, "as we walk here let me tell you joke, Jesus and Peter were hanging out. They were about to go on a walk but before Jesus told peter to make them a chicken. Just a chicken with nothing else to eat before their walk.Peter said OK and proceeded to make the chicken. When the chicken came out it only had one foot. Jesus said Peter what happened to the chicken's foot?
Peter said all chicken only have one foot. Jesus said Peter my Father made chickens and I know they have two feet. Peter said no they all have one foot.Jesus said well OK, and they went on the walk. Right outside is a chicken standing on one foot. Peter said look Jesus one foot, Jesus looked and scared the chicken and it ran off, with two feet.Peter said Jesus you always make miracles!It was funny and heartwarming.
Other than that we are dealing with patient that have dengue, HIV,tuberculosis, malaria, a lot of sores, gunshot wounds, etc.

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