Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Heartbreaking to see..."

Today was another day in Haiti - hot. I work in the ER now because there are great needs there. The Johns Hopkins crew is pretty much running the ER now with good outcomes.

We saw 470 patients today (triage at University Hospital in picture at left); others walked away. There is a lot of continuity of care and we work together well. We see cases from tuburculosis, malaria, typhoid, tetanus gun shot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, CHF, etc. We are good at diagnosing these cases but there is a problem with medications; they are hard to come by.

We could save most of these patients with good facicilities and meds. It's heartbreaking to see people that we know are going to die without treatment that we can't perform. Ten more days to make a difference in these peoples lives. If I only make one difference in one life, it will be worth this effort. - Rocky Cagle, Hopkins ICU RN.

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